Tradition: True Italian

In Sarnia and Point Edward in the early sixties, before the franchisee, three Italian families made great pizza.

In 1982 Antonio's restaurant opened. The benefit to those living in Corunna was they no longer had to drive all the way into Sarnia to get great pizza. Today, at Antonio's, the direct descendants of one of the original families still make great pizza.

The family tradition continues with Gianfranco Spizzirri at the helm.

Gianfranco continues to select the ingredients and ensure that the traditional recipes and procedures are followed.

To experience family pride and great food, come to Antonio's in Corunna and taste for yourself true Italian cuisine at its finest.

Pizza: Always hot with fresh toppings

Great pizza begins by using select ingredients such as fine milled Canadian flour, a little salt, yeast that's been allowed to rise, water and a little oil. The secret to great pizza dough, is combining the proper ingredients by the skilled pizza maker.

  • 4A little cheese and favourite toppings complete the preparation.
  • 5The oven, very hot and the bricks clean are then ready to receive the pie.
  • 6The completed pizza is slid directly onto the brick and cooked until done.
  • 7The result is a magnificent crust, crisp and delicious.
  • 1After proportioning, the dough is allowed to rise and age.
  • 2It is then stretched by hand to the proper thinness and then placed on a wooden paddle.
  • 3Then comes the sauce. To make great pizza sauce only the finest, crushed and spiced, pealed plum tomatoes are used. Just the right amount of sauce is spread evenly on the dough.

Puffy-o: Big enough to satisfy

The cook/son of one of the friends came up with the name Puffy-o... "because when you cook it, it puffs."

Yes! Puffy-o's are also enjoyed at Antonio's in Corunna.

In one of the earlier family establishments, two old friends were experimenting with new business ideas. The Puffy-o was born.

The successful recipe yielded a product that puffed when cooked and full of goodness.